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Ask Us... And Ask Yourself

At Chenoa Group, we are extremely perfectionistic. If something is out of place (such as a broken link), we have to fix it. The world may not know it's there, but we do, and that's what matters.

It depends.

We'll go over the specifics and direction based on the 30-minute initial meeting, and work from there.

Contact Us to schedule an initial meeting.

However long, or short, it takes.

That's all we can say without knowing more specifics.

We charge whatever is proportionate to the amount of work and time our team foresees, in the 4- or 5-figure range. In order to have an accurate estimate, we must know the scale of the project.

The fee varies depending on what Service(s) you request, and whether it's one-time or on a continuous basis.

Payment must be made in full before we begin work. Price is non-negotiable.

Now let's rephrase the question: What are you willing to pay to succeed? It comes down to a matter of worth. You can pay an artist $5 to draw a stick figure, but is it something you'll be proud of?

You get what you pay for. How much do YOU think you're worth?

We guarantee that the Services will be up to our standards (see FAQ 1). Beyond that, we guarantee nothing. We have no control over your actual brand, the number of sales, website clicks, likes, comments, follows, or anything else. We do not guarantee your site will have 1 million views in a week.

You have to trust our expertise, and our style.

Aside from scheduling constraints, the most common reason is because your work or business model doesn't align with us. We can't feel half-hearted about a project. That does not mean your business won't succeed -- it simply doesn't match the type of projects we work on. In which case, we wish you every success!

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