Elevating Your Online Presence

Initial Meeting: What To Expect

Please come prepared to answer the questions below. Our team will provide follow-up food for thought as we work with you and your business.

Before we begin, let's be clear...

We work with clients who know what they want of themselves, their business, product(s), or service(s). People who are driven and really believe in their work. 99% of clients come to us with a clear business plan.

We do NOT work with people who are half-hearted about what they do, and don’t care whether or not they succeed. You’re either in it completely, or not at all. If anyone on the team feels that you’re on the fence, we will advise that you look elsewhere.

Sometimes we will play devil’s advocate during a session, and challenge everything you say, to see how committed you really are.

Why should anyone care about your brand?

How do you respond when challenged about your business, product, or you as a person?

Why should we take you on as a client?

What do you want people to remember about your brand?

When You're Ready... Let's Begin

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